14 February 2010

A Love Letter

"What I need to live, has been given to me by the earth. Why I need to live,has been given to me by you."
~Author Unknown~

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetest O'Hearts! I know I promised to start the New Year off by writing more, but fate had other plans for me. Right around Christmas time, I dropped my computer, rendering it useless. I was heartbroken....and poor! I was truly looking forward to writing about the new year, the old year, resolutions and vices; all of which and none of which, I have. *Wink* But since we are clear into February, it seems like a moot subject. I'm already past the excitement of the New Year/New Chance hysteria. I've already blown it, spilled coffee on my resolution list, and couldn't care less about the prospect of change. Someone else got my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue gig so what's the point? But I certainly hope that your year is going along swimmingly and that you are living up to your greatest potential.

Valentine's Day is so much fun, I don't care what the cynics whine about. I don't even care if it is greeting card company conspiracy. Love is in the air and I don't care how it got there. The world is covered with pinks and reds, two of my favorite colors and hearts are everywhere you look. It is such a happy holiday. I love helping my son-shine make Valentine's cards to hand out at school. I love it even more when he comes home with all of his party stuff and we get to go through the box reading all the Valentine's sentiments. It always amazes me that there aren't more of the same cards handed out. It just goes to show you how different, individual and unique we all are.

On April 4, 2000, I gave birth to my very own Valentine, Christian. On that day, he became the love of my life and has continued to be, to this day. About 4 years ago, we were driving home from my birthday dinner when out of the blue he said, "Mommy, do you realize that when I was in your belly that both of our hearts were in you at the same time?" I almost ran off the road at his very deep and profound thought, to which I replied, "No, Christian, I did not!" He looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said, "I think that is why we are best friends." It was a moment I will never forget. So today, on this day of love, I would like to share an open Valentine to my son-shine.

My precious baby boy,
How did I ever get so lucky? What did I ever do to deserve the love of such an amazingly beautiful soul? I often times feel unworthy of your presence, but soon realize that I was placed on this earth to be your Mommy. I promise to do everything in my power to get well and make sure I will have lots and lots of days with you.

Thank you for being my best friend and loving me even when I didn't love myself very much. I owe you the world and fully intend to find someway in my power to get it for you! Please keep the faith and trust that God will continue to bless us and answer our prayers.Happy Valentine's Day, my forever heart.

I love you Pumpkin!
Your most grateful Mommy


Sandi said...

Ohhhhh that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Very profound. Glad to see a post and I loved your essay on Valentines Day!! Hee Hee, I bought myself a little something something!

The Paper Whisperer said...

Thanks Sandi! Glad to hear you bought yourself a little "something something." I bought myself a new pair of shoes...my boots WEREN'T made for walking! Hugs and Hearts!

Sharla said...

Sunnie, I have missed you. I guess I'm in good company, as I saw on your wall many people have posted similar sentiments. I enjoyed your Valentines Day entry. As you, I also have learned so much from my children. Each child is special in their own way, but isn't it truly amazing how God selects the perfect child for us, as mothers? I have told each of my children that I could not have special ordered a more perfect child if God had handed me a check list. I'd have surely chosen a precious child, but maybe not the one that would challenge me to be all He wanted me to become. Sometimes I think our little ones do hear truth in their hearts easier because of their innocence. I love connecting with other mothers who treasure their children as I do. You are most definitely counted among those! Blessings to you!

URVOCWC said...

don't know how I missed this until now (I usually keep your blog up all the time, but computer keeps crashing, etc.).

anyway, this is just the best ever. I know you mean every word to your son-shine/best friend from your heart of hearts. And I couldn't be happier about that! You are the best and he is the luckiest (you both are), and so am I...to know you.

LUMU, me